Interactive voice response (IVR) Services

IVR call blasting services

Here we introduce IVR call blasting services to greatly expand and support your business. Call blasting is an automated calling service used to connect to different customers simultaneously and deliver pre-recorded messages with precision. Call blasting is a powerful telecommunications technology and he one of the best PBX features that allow businesses to contact thousands of customers at once and send pre-recorded information. All you have to do is professionalize the information to transfer and the set of contact numbers to dial. If you want to message a large group of people, practicing voice calling will make it possible. You can record any message you want to express and use your IVR to send it to your target audience. Record a message, upload a list of recipient phone numbers, set a time for the message to be delivered, and click Send. that's it!

IVR Call Blasting Services

Smaller organizations do not have many resources and budgets to cover large expenses, so there are many issues that need to be handled carefully. Call blasting is one of the easiest, quickest, and most convenient ways to easily deal with such problems.

It can be anything from a description of your products and services to an announcement of an ongoing sale or discount. This simple method of advertising allows small businesses to reach a large number of potential customers just by calling their phone numbers.

By making a good connection with these calls and making them interesting and relevant to the prospect, the company can ensure that these people get noticed. In addition, VoIP also supports the integration of IVR in these calls, which makes it more attractive to viewers.

Why Your Business Needs it?

The highly organized IVR communication system provides an impressive and professional image of the company, irrespective of the size of the enterprise.


Generate More Leads with IVR Solution

The rapid iteration process allows you to keep up with the customer’s requirements, thus ensuring more leads and customer loyalty.


Enhance Brand & Business

Smart IVR solution enables the callers to talk to experts as per the options selected from the offered menu of multi-level IVR.


Boost Agent Productivity

Agents can focus on prospecting and handling complex queries, while easy-to-resolve issues are handled by multi-level IVRs for quicker solutions.


Manage Large Call Volumes

Knowlarity’s advanced multi-level IVR can handle peak hour call load by connecting to multiple customers automatically at a single time.


Offer Personalized Experience.

Personalize customer interactions through welcome greetings such as their names, while predicting their needs based on past interaction history.

How Our IVR Call Blasting Services Works?

First, you need to record the information you plan to send to a large number of contacts.Once you’ve recorded your message, the next step is to set up the numbers you want to message in your Call Blast campaign. After setting the call blast time, the system will call all the numbers at once and play the recorded messages.

You can also use the built-in dashboard to see how many live people are receiving information, how many have been sent to voicemail, and how many have bounced. This is a very useful way of alerting customers, customers, and employees at once to any important procedural changes or updates they should be aware of! Stakeholders can be notified of price changes.

It also allows employees to communicate current business numbers to relevant stakeholders without wasting time making individual phone calls or sending the same message over and over again. These features not only enable organizations to enhance their image but also create lasting opinions about their customers. Call Blast can also be used for emergency notifications, marketing campaigns, lookover and survey campaigns, reminders and notifications, and organizational advertising/promotions.

Best Features We Offering in IVR Blasting

Efficient campaign programming/ Effective event planning

With the IVR Call Blast service, you can customize your campaigns to fit your business needs. Businesses can plan campaigns at any time of the day, depending on their target audience. This effective campaign programming maximizes the reach of your show when it reaches your audience at the right time.

Run multiple campaigns simultaneously

The best part about IVR Call Blast is that companies can run multiple campaigns simultaneously. Efficiently run and monitor multiple audio broadcast campaigns on a single board. After all, the proliferation of IVRs can actually greatly improve efficiency and improve the overall performance of companies.

Built-in DNC verification

Audio transmission has a DNC list check function. Built-in DNC verification helps filter out selfless viewers. DNC validation is automatically applied when loading data into the transfer portal. This eliminates the need for manual filtering of automated verification data, saving a lot of work for campaign managers.


With IVR Blast Service, you can choose from a variety of plans to suit your business needs. And with pay-as-you-go pricing, you only pay for calls and for the minutes your customers answer. If the call is not answered, you do not have to pay.

No infrastructure configuration

IVR Call Blasting is very useful if you don’t have the money to build infrastructure. The Servetel web portal enables complex infrastructure configuration changes. A stable internet connection is all you need to meet your needs.

How can IVR call blasting help market your business?

Campaign Management: With call broadcasts, it’s easy to expand campaigns by sharing audio broadcasts with your target audience and delivering our message effectively and accurately.


Save time: It is a smart option to handle multiple calls at the same time instead of calling each number exclusively. Time management is made easier with Call Blasting.


Cost-effective: Because call blasting technology does not require additional equipment or maintenance, it can reduce financial burdens. Accurate: Sends exactly the same message to the target group via audio. Thus, providing an interactive experience to the user.


Ease of Control: Ease of control as the continuous communication function eliminates the risk of providing inappropriate and incomplete information to customers.


Employee Updates: Using this technology, employees of a particular company can stay informed about the information that needs to be shared with them.


Ease of data collection: In addition to direct contact with customers, it also collects data.


Low Effort (Automatic): This IT technology requires little or no human effort.