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Best Call Center Dialer Software Services in Delhi | Get Customer Interactions & Improve Your Agents Productivity with VR Infotek

Call Center Software This is such software that is used in every city in the country. This software is also known as contact center software. It is a technology used by companies to help manage large volumes of calls and other customer service, collections and receivables, and sales efforts. The call center dialer is one of the best tools for tracking outgoing calls. Call centers are not just a dialer for companies. With its help, you can improve the productivity of agents or salespeople. If you open a business or startup then by using call center dialer software you can get a profitable result and VR Infotek provides you with the best call center dialer setup services at an economical cost.

VR Infotek is the most trusted IT marketing solution company known for providing high-quality services to its clients, today we are contacted by people and companies from across the country who are taking our services on a regular basis. We provide you best quality pre-recorded voice with the best pronunciation. We provide you with a recording of your products which will be created by our experts. Train your agents on the system and with one click, you can always make thousands of calls with a fresh voice and a perfect accent.

VR Infotek Advantages

  • Maximum investment can reach maximum
  • contacts at a time
  • Automatic Call facility
  • Improve business relationships between management and staff
  • Monitor agent performance
  • Increase talk time up to 45 minutes to 1 hour

A study has shown that predictive dialers can increase agent productivity by 200 to 300%. In addition, some potential customer rating agents use dialers to maximize the amount of time they can spend on the phone with potential customers during outbound sales prospecting.

Why Call Centers Need An Auto Dialer Setup Software?

Call center setup software services are not just about providing support and services to the customers, it is also used to grow businesses faster. Outbound call center involves various operations such as:

Lead Generation

We have often seen that communication has a very important role in sales conversion and business development. Cold call strategy is used to generate B2B and B2C leads. The more numbers you have, the more leads you convert. With the help of our software, you can convert any leads. VR Infotek offer you a high quality services at very economical cost.


Up-Sell and Cross-Sell

VR Infotek is the best IT marketing solution company, we provide the best software to our clients, and with the help of our software, you can easily convert your sales. Our software goes beyond processing customer queries with faster solutions as it also includes features that improve overall efficiency.


Promotions and Surveys

Promotion Surveys play an important role in the success of any business, without promotion we can never reach our business to a maximum number of people and only on the basis of Surveys, we come to know what is the opinion of our clients about our products. We also provide you with Promotions and Surveys facilities along with our services.


Inbound Lead Conversion

We have often seen that in this digital age, companies use various digital platforms to generate leads, look for such digital channels through which they can get leads, and with our software you will get the best leads generation.

VR Infotek offers many benefits
1. Easy to use and doesn’t take long to understand.
2. It’s very affordable.
3. Empower your workforce through seamless integration


Finding an agent with a good accent can be very difficult, so why not take the hassle out and get VR Infotek to help you launch a quality product. With VR Infotek Call Center Dialer, it is an ideal auto-dialer for your contact center and you can also take advantage of many useful features that help you manage your tasks efficiently and cost-effectively. Then find out how these features can help you. Agents are tired of receiving calls all the time and their voices show it too, so why not get a call center dialer to greet your customers with the perfect fresh voice?

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How VR Infotek Dialer Improves Call Center Efficiency?

VR Infotek call center dialing technology includes many advanced features such as recording, quality control, reporting, voicemail recording, various campaigns and lead management. It is designed to improve outbound call center productivity by automating the entire call process.

Why We Are Best


arrange a callback

This feature allows agents to schedule a reminder that was verbally agreed upon between the caller and the customer during a previous interaction. The feature is customizable and the caller offers the ability to add named agents to selected calls


Click To Call

The Click-to-Dial feature allows agents to dial contacts whose contact information already exists in CRM without having to dial manually. This improves efficiency by isolating error instances and allowing agents to dial more numbers at any time.


Transfer call to voicemail

Customer service center receive calls all the life time , sometimes inbound call center omit the call from the customer, we provide a unique dialer that has the ability to send voicemail to drop caller, queues and extensions per campaign if There is no agent available.


report in real time

As a dialer, only live calls are connected to agents to improve their real-time work performance and report summaries are always available. Agent-filtered data such as reports, call details, real-time tracking, campaign summaries, and various fields can be very helpful.


Incoming and outgoing calls

With this unique feature, call center agents will answer all calls, whether they are related to incoming or outgoing calls.


Internal chat

It is difficult to leave your seat to obtain the result of the agent’s status or to provide him with a new job. The internal chat function allows dialogue within the boundaries of the company.


CRM Integration

A powerful multimode autodialer can be a powerful front end for a CRM. You get the more benefit from using your existing CRM with faster and more efficient call management, better monitoring and more sophisticated interaction data. Cloud based dialer CRM integration does not require any capital expenditure.


Launch a campaign with IVR

Administrators can easily gain the ability to initiate automated call campaigns with a simple Interactive Voice Response (IVR). When they find a live caller, they transfer them directly to an agent.


Multilingual Web Interface

Administrators can easily gain the ability to initiate automated call campaigns with a simple Interactive Voice Response (IVR). When they find a live caller, they transfer them directly to an agent.


Schedule Call Back

This feature allows agents to schedule a verbally agreed reminder between the caller and the customer during a previous interaction. The feature can be customized and the dialer provides the ability to add named agents for selected calls.

VR Infotek Dialer, combined with additional call center features such as IVR, ACD, and CTI, among other key features, helps contact centers optimize their operations and costs. we offer call center software that helps organizations redefine their business and deliver an uncompromising customer experience.

How To Choose The Perfect Dialer For Your Call Center?

Before investing in a calling system that automates the call center calling process, it’s important to understand the type of call center that’s right for your business. Every business is unique and has different needs and limitations, so before investing in a call center call system, you should assess your needs based on the following factors:

The Size of your business
If your organization has many agents or telemarketers, you should choose predictive calling software because you have many contacts to reach and salespeople can maximize their reach. For small call centers with few dedicated agents and limited resources, a progressive dailar would be a better option because agents will always be active to make connected calls.Power Dialer is a great option to reach all of your potential customers and spend time cultivating customer relationships.
The features you want from an autodialer
To select the correct autodialing feature, you must also select the desired feature. Once you've listed all the features you want, we can choose the right solution for you. For example, do you need an automated communication solution with features such as interactive voice response, event management, lists, speech recognition and text-to-speech? These features can help take your business to the next level.
The purpose of your call
If your prospects or customers are valuable and you can't ignore any of them, choose Power Dialer to always keep your agents on call when the call is active. If your goal is cold calling, sales calls, telemarketing, and outbound prospecting, predictive calling is a good option because you can contact your prospects within a short period of time or set a deadline if needed. You don't want to use a preview call on prospects who need a contextual conversation to engage and move through the sales funnel.
What about the source of the lead?
When a company spends a lot of money to acquire leads through the internet or through events, they need to ensure that the leads are not wasted. Such prospects should be called through a progressive dialer. Dedicated agents are always available to handle connected calls and treat prospects in a personalized way. A second scenario with longer sales cycles and higher returns should be controlled by the preview dialer.